Şefika Kuzgun

Visiting Assistant Professor
University of Rochester
Department of Mathematics
Office: 801 Hylan Hall
E-mail: skuzgun@math.rochester.edu
  About me

I am currently a Postdoc at University of Rochester, Department of Mathematics. My mentor is Professor Carl Mueller. I recieved my Ph.D. in 2022 from University of Kansas in Mathematics under the supervision of Professor David Nualart. I do research in stochastic analysis and SPDEs. I grew up in Türkiye. Here is my vitae.


Starting September 2024, I will be a Postdoc in the research group of Prof. Dr. Felix Otto at Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig.

Together with Meltem Ünel and Ümit Işlak, I am organizing a summer school Probability with / on random graphs: trees, networks, dimers, assignments which will take place between July 29 - August 4 at Nesin Mathematics Village in Türkiye. The application form and more info can be found in the summer school's webpage. As a precursor to this summer school, I will be teaching an advanced probability course at the Village the week before. The application for this course has to be done seperately using village's website.


  1. On the radius of self-repellent fractional Brownain motion. (Joint with Le Chen, Carl Mueller and Panqiu Xia.) Journal of Statistical Physics. Arxiv.
  2. Convergence of densities of spatial averages of the parabolic Anderson model driven by colored noise. (Joint with David Nualart.) Stochastics. Arxiv.
  3. Convergence of densities of spatial averages of stochastic heat equation. (Joint with David Nualart.) Stochastic Processes and Applications. Arxiv.
  4. Feynman-Kac formula for iterated derivatives of the parabolic Anderson model. (Joint with David Nualart.) Potential Analysis. Arxiv.
  5. Rate of convergence in the Breuer-Major theorem via chaos expansions. (Joint with David Nualart.) Stochastic Analysis and Applications. Arxiv.
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  Service and Outreach

Recently, I have been contributing to the efforts of building a Women in Mathematics group at University of Rochester.

After a major earthquake struck Türkiye in February, I cofounded a math support platform to assist college students with their coursework and alleviate the earthquake's impact on education. This platform aimed to provide academic resources and support to students who were affected by the disaster, ultimately helping them to continue their studies and succeed in their math classes.

I founded the Directed Reading Program Türkiye together with Feride Ceren Köse and Oğuz Şavk, and I was among the organizers both Summer 2021 and Summer 2022. I am a scientific committee member since 2023. Besides, I had a unique experience of mentoring students: Sahra Karakoç, Zeynel Uluşan and Hamit Alp Cömert. The linked videos are their presentations at the end of the program in corresponding year.

I am the past president of University of Kansas Student Chapter of Association for Women in Mathematics (2020-2021). In addition to hosting regular weekly seminars, I initiated the special online meetings for graduate students to socialize during Covid-19 conditions. I served on the executive board of University of Kansas Student Chapter of the American Mathematical Society for two years, first as the secretary and then as vice president. During these two years, we organized for example, a series of seminars for professional development, a mentoring program for beginning graduate students and study groups for qualifying exams.

I had been a volunteer for the April Math Awareness Month activities at the University of Kansas, where local fifth graders spend a day with graduate students playing math related games (2019-2022).


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